Telanet Hosted Telephony

Today, more and more people are looking to leverage the cloud for all of their telephony needs, including SIP trunking, fully managed, and hosted telephony services.

Telanet’s Hosted Telephony offering allow you to reduce overhead costs for telephony and conference calling, while making your smartphone an extension of your desk phone. Work from anywhere with ease, while maintaining a secure, consistent connection to your office and leverage enterprise-class features on a small budget.

Hosted Telephony

Cloud Voice Services

By moving your phone systems to the Cloud, you eliminate traditional phone bills. No additional telephone provider is necessary. We set you up with the hardware, plug into your Voice over IP system, and stream your calls over your existing internet connection and it is all covered in one monthly invoice.

You can also forget about third-party conference call providers. Telanet Hosted Telephony includes conference calling abilities, allowing you to eliminate yet another telephony cost. This includes audio, video and even web collaboration.

Cloud Remote & Mobile Connectivity

As you are no longer tied to a traditional telephone cord, you and your entire team have the ability to work anywhere, from any device, at any time. With call forwarding, you can receive calls from your office number on your mobile device, and voicemail-to-email allows you to receive messages at a glance, even speech-to-text.

Smartphone Apps give you easy access to your central conference line, as well as your call center. Desktop applications allow you to securely access your office computer from your home or laptop.

Hosted Telephony

Implementing the Telanet Cloud removes your physical tethers to your desk and allows you to work wherever you want or need.

Costs & Scalability

Telanet Hosted Telephony have low entry-cost points, and can be easily scaled up or down. The system is tailored to fit your team and their needs. Customize your features within one office location, or span them across many. Give us a call and let us recommend an effective system that saves you money while improving overall efficiencies.

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