The latest in bandwidth efficiencies has arrived in Canada and Telanet is one of the first companies to bring it to you

SD Wan technology or Software Defined Networking has been in place for several years in the US and now it is finally ready for the Canadian market.

Software-defined WAN automatically monitors network traffic and optimizes connections and processes based on volume and activity. Its end-to-end encryptions insures that the exchange of information is secure, whether it be while retrieving files or accessing the network through a VPN connection.

To bring this industry leading technology to market, Telanet has partnered with TeloIP, one of the first to patent and develop this technology in the networking space. With VINO from TELoIP, customers can enjoy an improved reliability at a fraction of the cost of MPLS or now get better bandwidth in regions previously thought of as dead zones for reliable connectivity.

To learn more, watch this video about TELoIP VINO Technology:

To ensure your network delivers a superior quality of experience (QoE), a performance monitoring dashboard allows you and your IT team to review network optimization. TELoIP has an always-on support team that consistently manages the network, and optimize processes alleviating your IT team of maintaining servers and updating hardware.

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