Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

Date: March 10, 2017 Author: Dan Silverman Categories: News

In early 2016 Telanet had an opportunity to move to a bigger more functional office. We knew that the space needed a professional touch because it was just a blank slate. Our neighbors at the time, Stacey Cohen Design were eager to help get us into our new space for late 2016. Little did we know that they too had a need for Telanet's services as well. As a small business, SCD did not need a fancy phone system nor did they need one that was going to cost them a lot. This was going to be the perfect opportunity for them to try our Cloud Solution that we offer from Avaya. It allowed them to get rid of using cell phones to communicate with both vendors and clients and no longer have to determine if calls were business or personal when looking at incoming cell phone calls. The Power by Avaya solution offered flexibility with growth and business management as well as enterprise class features on a small business budget. Stacey Cohen herself was impressed with all the Cloud had to offer her because in her mind, she had always thought it was meant for large businesses with hundreds of employees. Our sales team did a fantastic job to work with Stacey and her team on identifying where she wanted to see her solution benefit her overall business plan. It was an easy decision to move forward and one that did not take any time at all to implement. As most businesses are not tied to their actual offices anymore, SCD knew that it wanted to allow their employees mobility and the ability to work virtually. The Avaya IP Cloud solution provided just that for SCD. So just to think, we were simply planning on using SCD to help us design a beautiful office space, we actually ended up helping them get on track with a great telecommunications solution. It's a great Win/Win for Telanet and SCD. So never be afraid to talk to your neighbors and see how you can help each other out. Check out the article that Avaya put together about SCD and Telanet. 

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