Premise Security: Know who’s there from anywhere

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Two ways premises security has come into the age of IoT

Ever forget your keys and need to gain access to the office? It happens.

Well, imagine using your smart phone (programmed with an application for keyless entry) to gain easy, secure access and never having to fumble for that key again? Or, how about getting a notification at 11pm Sunday night that someone’s entered your warehouse ― and being able to instantly view who it is and what they’re doing ...right on your device?  Welcome to the future of premises security – where almost anything’s possible with the right cabling infrastructure.

Even if you rent your office space, gone are the days when the building landlord did it all. Proactive owners today are stepping up and investing in physical security measures to ensure their people, property and premises are protected 24/7.

And it’s not just the threat of random break-ins or vandals. Today’s security risks often come from the inside, perpetrated by unscrupulous staff members or contractors. Thefts of physical or digital assets are some of the costliest risks facing business owners today. So how do you control it all effectively – without hiring a troop of security personnel to stand watch?

The answer is in leading-edge, cloud-based tech and tools connected by the right cabling infrastructure.

Here are two ways today’s smarter premise security and cabling solutions can help you sleep sounder:

1. Indoor-outdoor cameras/motion detectors

View data and footage from anywhere

Today’s cameras and motion detection solutions are discreet, secure and cloud-based. They provide you with eyes and ears on your premises, recording any incidents that may occur. With the correct cabling and connections, you’ll be able store all data and footage securely and review it in a pinch wherever you are via any device.

Tip: Don’t miss a dark corner: be sure your provider fully reviews your premises to ensure all angles are covered.

 2.  Controlled, Keyless Access

Know who goes where, when.

The newest premise access control solutions offer easy keyless entry for owners and employees into offices or warehouses. By setting access restrictions and tailoring employee security levels, you can be specific about who enters where, when. Choose from a card fob like ‘Keyscan’ or a cell phone application, either of which can be programmed for certain hours and locations of access. No more contractors or employees entering the premises after business hours – without your knowledge.

 Tip: Ensure your provider knows who receives what type and duration of access pass – and that you have designated everyone’s access appropriately.

Whichever premise security solution you choose, peace of mind begins with the right set up and cabling.

Be sure you get a full consultation from a strong infrastructure company that understands your business security needs and the latest advances in premise security.

Dan Silverman