Avaya partners with Google Cloud to take Business to the Next Level

Up in the Cloud: New ‘Powered with Avaya IX’ partners with Google.

Are your customers increasingly frustrated by dropped orders, busy signals or missed reservations?

Is yours a seasonal business seeking flexible service providers?

Are members of your team working in silos and, in turn, not maximizing efforts to meet deadlines and reach sales targets?


Whether your company is responding to an increase in market demand (awesome!), looking to save on costs during the off-season, or needing to avoid a crisis by quickly resolving a business challenge, effective and tailored engagement with customers, employees and partners is a critical component of success.

What used to be only possibility for large corporations, is now accessible to you. Comprehensive external and internal communications for small to mid-sized enterprises is now more accessible (read: budget friendly) and more secure than ever thanks to Avaya’s new Powered by Avaya IX solution.

Built on the Google Cloud Platform, Avaya IX, aka Avaya Intelligent Xperiences, offers businesses of all sizes and in all industries with custom, cost-effective, practical cloud communication and collaboration tools. Backed by Google, the Powered by Avaya IX system gives business a powerful and secure strategy for cloud communications with many benefits to consider, including:

Reliability and Resiliency

The Google Cloud Platform is built on the latest technology and relied upon by millions provides peace of mind and confidence in Avaya IX’s dependability. This means that Google watches it, maintains it, and ensure it always works exactly how it should.

Full Service Capabilities

Synergy is the name of the game! Avaya IX’s robust offering includes a huge portfolio of technology solutions for customer support and sales call centers, text / video team communication platforms and data back-up and recovery systems, with added security. Whatever tools your business requires, we can include.

Cost Effectiveness

Only pay for what you use and scale with ease! Avaya IX is built on a consumption-based model and costs $2 - $3 less per user when compared to other options.

Greater Efficiency and Mobility

Busy signals are so last millennium! With fully integrated tools including the Avaya Equinox App, Avaya IX provides consistent connectivity with customers and keeps teams on track no matter where in the world colleagues are based.

Proud to be deemed a 'Partner in Customer Excellence' by Avaya, Telanet can work with your business to develop a custom Avaya IX program that does not require significant up-front capital investments or expensive ongoing overhead costs.

With no need to build infrastructure, or maintain crucial hardware, Avaya IX makes it simple to upgrade to advanced cloud-based business solutions and take your company to the next level.

Currently available in 24 markets globally, including Canada and the United States, the fulsome product families within the Avaya IX portfolio include:

  • Avaya IX Digital Workplace (Calling, Meetings, Collaboration, Devices)

  • Avaya IX Mobility (Workflow management via mobile device)

  • Avaya IX Digital Contact Center (Voice Omnichannel, Desktop, Workforce Engagement)

Let us help you take advantage of all that Avaya IX has to offer to modernize and maximize your business.

Dan Snow