Technology, Tools and Innovation - Telanet's Signature Event Series

Telanet - Tech, Tools and Innovation

A huge thank you to all of those who sponsored and attended Telanet’s first signature thought-leadership event! Because of you, it was a great success.

Hosted at beautiful Montecito Restaurant in downtown Toronto, our guests enjoyed canapés and a custom Cloud Cocktail as they heard Avaya, CommScope, and Beanfield share their perspectives on technology today.


Cloud Conversations with Avaya Canada

Our Platinum Sponsor, Avaya Canada, demonstrated the power of their tools by highlighting their key cloud functionality in telephony, digital collaboration.

All of their digital Cloud tools are now backed by Google, resulting in easier, cheaper scalability, and always-on support. Read more about our thoughts on the Avaya | Google Cloud collaboration in our blog article, “Up in the Cloud: New ‘Powered by Avaya IX’ partners with Google”.

During our first keynote conversation with Davide Petramala, Director GTM at Avaya CLOUD, we discussed the nature of ever-changing technology, and how innovation enables us to be smarter, and more efficient.

By leveraging emerging technologies, like automated machine learning, we are able to predict what Cloud users will need, and design systems that generate greater efficiencies in communication and workplace collaboration.


OmniChannel Solutions with CommScope and Ruckus

With the merger of CommScope, Arris, and Ruckus Wireless, Country Leader Karen Pugliese, explains how consolidating hardware, software, and the networks that make them work together, enables their new business model to solve nearly all of their customers’ infrastructural needs.


A Panel Consensus: Data Privacy is Our Chief Concern

With so many cases of small and large businesses being held ransom, our technology partners have security on their minds constantly.

Between phishing emails, data breaches, employ downloads, and ransomware, there are many ways for data to be compromised or end up in the wrong hands. It is our collective job to build and educate you, the business owner, on where you are vulnerable so you can put the property security measures in-place. The whole team agreed that with the ever-changing ways of technology, this is their key focus and should be yours too.

Thank you to Davide from Avaya, Karen from CommScope, Rob Hird from Telanet representing Microsite’s SIPPO product, and Mark Palma, Director of Enterprise Strategies, from Beanfield Metroconnect for participating and sharing their perspectives.

Telanet Tech, Tools and Innovation

Thank you to our Guests.

Without them our event would have been terribly boring! Not only did we have amazing partners participate, but we had new and long-standing clients join us from the GTA and across Canada.

We wanted to send everyone away with a small memento that would help relieve some stress, and help save the environment! With the help of our long-standing partner Cotton Candy, we were able to provide funky Telanet Cloud stress-squeezers, and stainless-steel drinking straws that are perfect for work, school, or while you’re out on the go!

Thanks again to our Sponsors for making this event possible.

Dan Snow