The Scary Truth about Aging Copper Cable — and Four Reasons to Replace it Now

There is a tidal wave of new technology poised to impact your business.


From cloud computing and the mobile revolution to the latest systems security to keep data thieves at bay, innovations are rapidly transforming today’s workplace. As an owner or manager, you are likely racing to keep up with the relentless pace of change -- trying to stay up-to-speed with all the new tools, gadgets and latest software and security releases in order to ensure your office continues to run safely and efficiently.

But what about your network cables? Those vital arteries through which all your information flows and the life blood of your business pumps? If cabling is not on your list for review, it should be.

Often times, until your business physically moves locations or you change phone systems, no upgrades take place. Old cabling—the delivery system for all your mission-critical applications, data and voice communications—is left unchanged, delegated to tomorrow. Meanwhile, bigger, faster data is blasting through those old pipes every day. To quote Star Trek’s Scotty: “Ca’tain, The warp engines kinna take it no longer!”


Think of it: you wouldn’t drive your new car on an old, unpaved street full of pot holes. Or live in a home with knob and tube wiring. So why risk deadly bumps in the road or serious network issues by running your data centre on antiquated cabling?

Cabling infrastructure is as important to the smooth running of your business as the hardware you install and the software you run.

 Here are four serious reasons to upgrade your network cabling now:

  1. The need for speed: Higher speeds will be mandatory in the future for all data centres. Your cable infrastructure must be robust enough to handle the skyrocketing demand for faster information delivery and more reliable connections.

  2. Network failures: Cabling typically amounts to just 5% of your network expenditure—but bad cabling can cause up to 80% of your network’s failures.

  3. Data errors: An increase in the number of data errors is the first sign that you might have cabling issues. Upgrade before disaster strikes.

  4. New technologies: None of the exciting new advances in unified communications can run on ‘vintage’ cabling. If you plan to move to the Cloud or shift to POS fibre, you must upgrade your infrastructure. 


New cabling is the single best way to future-proof your business.

Ready for that cable upgrade? Choose a trusted cabling expert that brings:

  • A 25 year manufacturer warranty to give you peace of mind

  • North American-based cabling optionsfrom top-rated brands like Hubbel, a leader in premises wiring.

  • Expert technicians (with at least two decades of network cabling experience) who offer your business complimentary assessments, regardless of your location

  • Cabling that is fully-certified by the vendor of choice

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Free your business now from the liabilities of old cables . Contact Telanet today for a complimentary assessment, anywhere in North America.

Dan Silverman