Power to the Pop Up: Why Tech-Driven Events Rock Harder

telanet event technology services

Slow lineups, paper tickets and restless bar crowds are all becoming things of the past in today’s world of plugged-in pop up stores, interconnected events and tech-rich concerts.

Thanks to exciting advances in technology, fans are enjoying no-fuss admission, and a totally immersive experience never before available.

What’s more, with the right Wi-Fi connections and cabling available on a rental basis, smaller event organizers are taking control and reaping the rewards of

  • Faster sales transactions
  • Greater audience participation
  • Powerful, memorable brand experiences
  • Comprehensive data captures for lead generation

With a reliable provider in your court, you can quickly set up Internet access the way you need it, tear it down with no hassle at the end, and run a stellar temporary show with no fear of spotty service or security hacks.

Here are four exciting ways new Wifi solutions can pump up your pop-ups, concerts and festivals:

telanet event technology services

1.    Easy Admission and Fast transactions with cashless payment and mobile ticketing

Show up with your phone and you have all that you need. With the right Wi-Fi set up your attendees can go cash-free – enter the venue smoothly, grab a snack, and pay for libations all from their mobile device. And the best part is you don’t have any cash to count or transport once all is torn down.


telanet event technology services

2.    Engage your Audience with Fan-facing Wi-Fi

Give your social media savvy crowd Wi-Fi access and watch the magic happen. They’ll stream the highlights, hashtag the bands and brand, and share their event experiences on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. A ticket to user-generated content.



telanet event technology services

3.     Empower the Media with Separate Wi-Fi

A specialized connection for media– providing easy access to their own networks and extra “behind the scenes info” on your event will inspire them to get more stories and photos out faster. Ensure they have the bandwidth to deliver your live content to the world 



telanet event technology services

4.    Capture Data and get insight into your market, audience and programming

Gather and analyze data to help you better understand your audience demographics, purchase behaviour, and programming effectiveness – not to mention building your mailing lists and retargeting lists.




Get Easily Connected with set up that is fast, safe, and affordable

Indoor or outdoor? Three days or three hours? Whatever your event type, location or duration, you can now get affordable Wi-Fi installed efficiently and taken down as quickly as folding up your event tent.

Use Caution When Choosing Your Event Tech Service Provider

Look for one that will:

  • Ensure Strong Security

A good supplier will deliver a fully wireless infrastructure that is reliable and set up securely.  At outdoor events, it is vital to run cables in a safe environment and in a way to provide enough bandwidth to fan base, press and media. Be confident your attendees experience won’t be compromised, your data won’t be ever hacked –and no song, social post or POS sale will ever be missed.

  • Work with your Team  & Networks

Don’t give up your control. The best IT event firms will work directly with your networking teams and your networks to ensure a seamless and affordable wireless infrastructure—with you in the driver’s seat.

  • Be There for You!

Be sure someone is there on site to address changes on the fly—and to remove all devices and cables at the end of the day. 

Telanet Event Technology Services can deliver the right wifi solutions and bandwidth for any temporary event

Dan Silverman