Seven ways Cloud Elevates your Business

telanet cloud powered by avaya

Gone are the days of security concerns and uncertainty.

The new breed of Cloud platforms for business communications are rock solid – and generating ROI results way up above the expectations of thousands of early adopters. As a result, there’s an up rush of interest and excitement, especially with business owners of mid-sized organizations eager to cut the wires and climb aboard.

In Canada, Telanet has sold 3,000 Avaya IP Office units over the past 12 months – and more than 35,000 have been deployed nationally. The Cloud market in Canada alone is forecast to double – from CDN$ 1.5 billion to more than 3 billion by 2019.

But what can Cloud really do for you and your business communications this year? Do you really need Cloud to move your company up to the next level and keep pace with this increasingly mobile and virtual world?

For progressive businesses interested in future-proofing their organization the answer is clear.

Here are 7 compelling reasons to move your communications up to the Cloud now:

1.     Look Up – Best-in-class Cloud for Business platforms allow you to plan with foresight -- leveraging 360 degree views of your business, your clients and the competitive landscape. Let go of your technology burdens – and free up your mindshare and to clearly see the way forward.

2.     Shore Up – your security and enjoy peace of mind that your systems and proprietary client data are protected 24/7. Security is intrinsic to the Cloud platform today. Connections and data transfers are fully protected and your data is stored remotely and backed up consistently. With the elimination of on-site physical servers, data-loss due to hardware failure is a thing of the past.

3.     Scale Up – as you evolve — or down as you downsize — with the flexibility to quickly adapt to the ebbs and flows of your business. As a subscription-based service, Cloud can be tuned to your degree of connectivity, number of users supported, and preferred features and functionality. 

4.     Stay Up – and current everyday with the latest software releases, security upgrades and protocols, without lifting a finger. Enjoy peace of mind knowing everything is seamlessly managed and maintained by a responsive tech team -- on the job for you 24/7.

5.     Rise Up - your revenues and lower your expenses by unshackling your business from hefty overhead and administration costs. You’ll immediately reduce your IT expenses and be able to eliminate reserve accounts for unexpected events like server failures.

6.     Partner Up- Best-in-class Cloud platforms are supported by a team of knowledgeable and on-call Cloud experts. This responsive team will be there each step of the way to customize your solution, ensure a smooth implementation and provide ongoing support for your business communications needs.

7.     Free Up – your time and resources to focus on what matters most. Do business anywhere, and anyway you choose: from the cottage, a client’s office -- or from your kid’s baseball game with full access to everything you need.

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United Talent Agency deployed the Cloud to better their telephony in their US offices. 

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