Networking + Connectivity

Telanet is proud to be an end-to-end communications partner. What that mean is, we help our customers not only determine what solutions to use, but what services to pair with them.

As we are partnered with major telecommunication companies, we can acquire pricing for internet services, PRI’s, SIP Trunks and POTS lines. Understanding the nuances of many carriers’ bills can be challenging. We are glad to help you assess your current solutions, their costing, and propose a solution to save money while using the most effective technology.

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Networking or PoE switches are becoming a part of every technical discussion that we have with our customers and our partners. Whether it be PoE Switches needed for a physical phone system, a company’s entire computer setup, or even a simple security camera, the need for proper implementation becomes evident.

With a range of PoE switches, we leave it in the hands of our expert technical support team to configure the right solution to suite your needs. We work with a number of tech partners whom sell top-rated switches with warrantees and service plans to support them


Firewalls and security appliances/software are key elements to the complete package that we offer to our customers.

Wiith so many firewall provides, the question then comes an on premise versus software solution. Our experts will help each organization decide what is best for them and their team.

Partners that we work with for the above include: WatchGuard, Cisco, Avaya and Brocade