Premise Security + Automation

Pairing the right security hardware with the right network keeps your business monitored around the clock, and site-access trackable.

Knowing who is accessing your office building, secure construction site, hospital, or technology facility, is imperative in securing your physical space. By setting access restrictions and tailoring employee security levels, you can be specific about who accesses your most valuable assets, whether they be tangible or digital.


Our Access Control Systems monitor major access points, the doors at your office, while identifying and recording the user who walks through it.

Including motion detectors and security cameras in your network ensures that you always have eyes and ears on your property, recording any incidents that may occur.


Our security network systems are cloud-based, allowing you to store all data securely, with the ability to access entry data and security footage with ease. Our partnerships with organizations like Cisco, WatchGuard and Brocade, your business is in reputable hands.

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