Advanced Industrial Manufacturer

Advanced Industrial Manufacturer has developed deep engineering expertise over the years by steadily acquiring specialized, complimentary brands and operating them as segments of an integrated corporation. This constant expansion has required the industrial manufacturer to engage in constant IT advisory, procurement and implementation.

Finding a reliable and responsive partner that could support their on going network-related initiatives across North America and many specialized segments was crucial to their continued success.

Telanet was recommended as such a reliable and responsive partner to provide and implement on-premise networking solutions including the delivery of all cabling infrastructure work which would power the networking hardware and software.

After years of close collaboration, the Industrial Manufacturer recognizes the responsive and reliable service provided by Telanet is hard to find no matter where in North America they’re looking. More so, Telanet’s efforts to secure surprisingly competitive price points from strategic vendor partners are greatly appreciated by the Industrial Manufacturer. This above-and-beyond service had led the corporation to expanded Telanet’s scope of responsibility to include advisory and implementation of unified communication and site security solutions.

Today, Telanet provides on-going support to the Industrial Manufacturer’s various locations. Requests vary between installing fibre cabling in certain locations to camera/access control installations in other locations. For example, after purchasing a new plant that produces aluminum enclosures for car batteries, the Industrial Manufacturer needed the upgrade the plant’s network. Telanet delivered fibre optic and Cat 6 cabling as well as Extreme Networks switches and supports the network with long-term maintenance contracts.