Technology Integration with a Human Touch

After almost 30 years in the technology integration business, we know every environment is different.

Which is why customer service is our first priority.

We work closely with our customers to understand their personal preferences as well as their technical requirements before presenting a solution. 

By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we’re able to get the job done right the first time.

Service First Security Specialists

With over 330 years of combined IT sales and service experience, you can depend on our team to have the right answers, right away.

And the assistance you need to get the job done right.

Reach us easily by phone, email, SMS, Slack or other channel of your choosing.

We’re ready to help. 

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Michael Honein

Business Development

Stephanie Hoffe

Senior Account Manager

Peter Westphal

Senior Account Manager

Magda Gray

Senior Account and Marketing Manager

Martina Yee

Account Manager

Una Pirocanac

Procurement Manager

Isa Celik

Account Manager

Stefania Borsas

Operations Manager

Michele Clara

Customer Service

Marlene Galvez

Customer Service

What Our Customers Think of Us

We're committed to delivering excellent service. To live up to this commitment, we asked our customers what they think of our service using an AI-driven, science-backed survey. Here are the highlights:



We asked our customers if they felt understood by the Telanet team and 80% of them agreed. We're proud to say this is a higher score than our survey vendor had ever seen before!



We asked our customers if our service was accessible and helpful, 78% said yes, it absolutely is! Still, this is important to our customers, so we continue to develop protocols and invest in tools that will help us improve this area.



We asked our customers if they felt Telanet had their back and 72% agreed. Although this score is significant, we continue to seek opportunities to demonstrate support for our customers.



We asked our customers if they enjoyed a consistent experience working with Telanet and 70% agreed. Although we're proud of this score, we are actively investing in systems that will improve the predictability of our service.

They respond quickly to communication and provide support and training as requested. They have been a positive addition to this project. Special thanks to Dan, Stephanie and Eddie.

I've been working closely with Stefania Borsas for a couple months on multiple national and international deployments. She has demonstrated exceptional, fast and details communication on all of these projects. Working with her is a delight!

Recently worked with Telanet for a Verkada install in San Francisco. The project went very smoothly, and was completed to a high level of detail and communication.

cable runs pulled by the Telanet team (so far.)

We get IT done, in every unique environment.