Law Enforcement

Law enforcement of a Mohawk Nation located along the Saint Lawrence River at the border of Canada and the U.S. needed to deploy cameras on the streets to keep a reliable record of entrants into the reserve.

The remote location of this community made deploying the cabling and internet necessary to support the surveillance technology a considerable challenge. They knew most integrators and service providers would not be able to serve their unique needs.

Telanet made multiple visits to sites on both sides of the border to gain a full understanding of the physical limitations of the environment, including limited electrical power and internet service. In the end, Telanet installed dozens of surveillance cameras along the main roads including those that traversed the reserve’s island.

The final solution consisted of bullet cameras to identify license plates and multi-sensory cameras to provide 360-degree views of intersections. It also included supplying Gridless Sentry kits, which are all-in-one battery and communications kit in a rugged case. Includes built-in LTE modem, antenna, and PoE output for a single camera. Some of the locations included solar panels for the Sentry kit to pull power from.