A progressive retail establishment across North America offers its customers multifunctional lifestyle apparel in a completely unique experience. Every inch of their eight flagship locations across North America has been intentionally designed to delight and amaze its guests.

Unfortunately, selling premium products has been a catch 22 for the brand: it has attracted more demand from customers but also more attention from shop lifters. The brand decided they needed greater security and surveillance to better manage loss prevention while – somehow – maintaining each store’s delightful aesthetic. They were referred to Telanet.

Telanet installed cameras, access controls, speakers and wireless network access points in their New York City, Toronto and Malibu locations. Special arrangements were made to match the hardware to the store’s colour scheme without sacrificing security measures. Even the cable pulled through each location was supplied in specific colours to maintain the brand’s design standards.

The progressive lifestyle brand was very impressed with the attention to detail given to this project. Telanet continues to provide support services as well as continued solution design and installation work including low voltage cabling needs for their head office and is considered to be one of the brand’s most reliable value-add partner.