Hospitality and Tourism

A beautiful historic hotel, located just outside of Manhattan in West Point New York, anticipated the challenge they would face to maintain its unique look while it worked towards implementing new security technology that would help staff maintain a safe and orderly environment for all its guests to enjoy.

A staff member who had worked with Telanet in the past, reached out to ask if we could complete the cabling and strategic positioning of surveillance cameras both inside and outside given the challenging environment while preserving the hotel’s historic architecture.

Telanet representatives performed a site survey alongside staff members to determine what would be needed to overcome the challenges of the environment while meeting the technical requirements that would keep guests safe during their stay.

The final design of the surveillance solution included 24 indoor and 6 outdoor dome cameras from Verkada, all of which were installed with great care by the Telanet team to maintain the look and integrity of the historic building.