A transportation company that prides itself on first-class service operates over 60 terminals across Canada, many of which are in remote locations that are difficult to access by service providers. But as a forward-thinking organization, the transportation company would not accept lesser technology within their environment, especially when it came to security.

The transportation company knew they had to find a reputable service provider that was willing and able to integrate the latest in site security and surveillance technology across their many remote locations. The vendor the transportation company was considering for this technology immediately thought of and referred them to Telanet.

The team at Telanet performed many site surveys to confirm the transportation company’s requirements both near term and in the future. The need to clean up their data centre’s cabling infrastructure and aspects of their network was the first step towards achieve both sets of requirements. One proactive measure beyond any one project the team took was to schedule quarterly business reviews to identify upcoming needs and pressing priorities for the transportation company’s many locations.